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Friday, May 23, 2008

Skywatch Friday - Near Virga

I'm giving Skywatch a try. Sunset, Shoe Factory Rd. Prairie. May 20, 2008. This isn't quite virga- a few raindrops from these clouds are making it alll the way to the ground.

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At 07:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This a perfect sky watch photo. Such beauty in it!

At 07:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow its pretty

At 08:24, Blogger T.R. said...

A beautiful, perfect sky watch. Welcome! Wish I was in Chicago to hear those lectures.

At 08:52, Blogger Dave Coulter said...

Nice shot of a nice spot, Doug!

At 11:30, Blogger Patty said...

Very nice, and your right the clouds do seem to be trying to touch the ground

At 15:14, Blogger Carletta said...

A very nice image!
Welcome to Skywatch - you'll like it here.

At 17:03, Blogger Daniel J Santos said...

Beautiful image, excellent.

At 17:40, Blogger rodger said...

Wouldn't near virga simply be sprinkles?

Nice photo!

At 18:03, Blogger Kelly said...

Hi, Doug! Your photo today is from my old neck of the woods! Thank you for sharing it! Your blog is very intersting reading. Hope you will stop by Geneva sometime!

At 20:39, Blogger Musings said...

Welcome to Sky Watch. I'm from the Chicago area also.

At 01:47, Blogger Ida said...

Welcome! :)
Nice shot for your entry.
Have a nice weekend.

At 03:31, Blogger CrazyCow said...

Nice sunset.

At 10:50, Blogger Doug Taron said...

quinttarantino,kannenberg,patty, carletta, daniel santos,kelly, musings, ida and crazycow - Greetings to all and welcome to the Tapestry. I had no idea that Skywatch would bring so many new visitors. Thank you all for the kind comments.

tr - Thank you very much. The first of the lectures went very well. With all your travels, I'll bet you find yourself in Cicago sooner or later. Of course, with some of your beautiful OK photos, I may have to get out that way myself some time.

Dave- Thanks. You have an advantage ofver most of the other readers. You've probably been there before.

Rodger- Thanks. I called it near virga because it was apparent that much more rain was falling out of the clouds than was reaching the ground. The picture doesn't really show that the whole sky was full of scattered clouds doing the same thing.

At 12:43, Blogger Ur-spo said...

that is a lovely photograph.
out here, skies are more or less the same every day. I miss some variety up there in the sky.

At 15:53, Blogger T.R. said...

You both are welcome in Oklahoma anytime -- please come when I am here though - it will be much more fun.

At 16:00, Blogger T.R. said...

ps - thought of you today -- I had an eight-spotted forester moth in the house. Never dawned on me to take a pic -- just wanted it help it get outside. My first! Maybe the virginia creeper brought him over.

At 16:37, Blogger Petunia said...

Lovely sky watch shot:)

At 06:48, Anonymous Wayne said...

Wow - that is an extremely fine array of plants. I'm really impressed with the richness.

The ladyslipper is lovely. We have our own secret native stash of another species that I've been having hissy fits since they seem to be in decline and I don't know what to do about them.

I've been trying to establish golden alexander but it must be that the deer like them - I caught one two years ago and then nothing since.

Checkerspots and metalmarks - things we don't see here in the piedmont region of Georgia. Drives me nuts.

At 06:50, Anonymous Wayne said...

Hmm, clearly that was meant to be a comment on the next post.

But I'm looking right at where I clicked to comment and it isn't the virga post.

At 20:25, Blogger Doug Taron said...

Spo- The blogger who brought my attention to Skywatch is in Tucson. She get some amazing photos.

tr >please come when I am here though - it will be much more fun.

I get the impression that doesn't happen very often. I almost went to a conference in Tulsa last week. I believe you were in Athens at the time.

Eight spotted foresters are beautiful. I've never has one come indoors.

Petunida - Thanks and welcome to the Tapestry.

Wayne - Which ladyslipper species do you have locally? Golden Alexander comes fairly readily from seed for us, though it takes a while to bloom. You might keep an eye out for the little metalmark in your part of the world, though I don't know if it gets into the piedmont or not. Look in pine woodlands with a fair bit of herbaceous cover under the trees.


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