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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Book Meme

I haven't done a meme for a while. This one comes from Lemuel, who has been my primary meme source in life. It's also yet another excuse to get all geeky on everyone:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).

2. Turn to page 123.

3. Find the 5th sentence

4. Post the 5th sentence.
I'm at the breakfast table right now. This is from the book sitting right next to me:
Within the genus Cicindela alone, numerous examples of this geographic pattern are found among species in the subgenera Cicindina, Ifasina, Lophyridia, Calochroa, and Cosmodelia.
Aside to Lem- I'm sure you now regret asking. My site meter will go into free fall at any moment.

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At 13:51, Blogger Lemuel said...

I would have expected a book of no less stature and no other focus to be near you, Doug!

I am humbled to know that I am the source of anything for anybody, except perhaps the source of the road to perdition, but to know that I am your source for memes!

oh. wait a minute. Maybe that's the same thing! ;)

HUGS, Doug!

At 21:45, Blogger Doug Taron said...

Lem- Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun. If memes are art of the road to Perdition, then I'm looking forward to the trip.


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