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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Upcoming Lectures

Hobomok Skipper (Poanes hobomok)

I have two upcoming lectures in the Chicago metropolitan area. On Thursday, May 22 at 7:00 PM (that's tomorrow!) I will be presenting a talk on Illinois' butterflies at the North Park Nature Center (5801 N. Pulaski Road in Chicago).

Next Thursday, May 29 at 7:00 PM, I will be lecturing at the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie (follow the link and click on Calendar of Events). This talk is about fireflies. The pubic is invited to both lectures ($3.00 fee for Midewin lecture).



At 13:59, Blogger Floridacracker said...

I attended an amazing lecture by a UF prof who was a firefly expert ... back in 1994 I think.
He had a battery powered fishing pole with a light at the end and could draw in different species by mimicing their signature flashes.
Pretty cool.

At 17:38, Blogger Gary Lee Phillips said...

Are there actually fireflies to be seen already? We usually don't see them out here until about mid-June I think, with the largest numbers hitting around the 4th of July.

At 19:46, Blogger cedrorum said...

You've got to post on fireflies, or lightening bugs as my Texas side of the family liked to call them.


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