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Thursday, November 12, 2009

World Travel Update

visited 22 countires (9.77%)

I suppose that since ;ve visited new countries, I should update my travel map. I may be cheating with China. I've only been to Hong Kong, and I never left the airport.

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At 07:25, Blogger Gallicissa said...

Spreading like a bad rash...

At 11:48, Blogger Jim said...

Well, Hong Kong is still China. Have you been to my old neighborhoods in Munich when you visited Germany?

At 20:12, Blogger Ur-spo said...

airports do not count!

At 09:33, Blogger Will said...

I think I agree with Michael, although that robs me of Alaska on my U.S. map. I've got to make it to South America, at least one country there, so I can claim all six regularly inhabited continents.

Doug, I think you have to go to Australia. Not only is it a marvelous place to visit, but it's just chock full of plants, animals and insects found nowhere else. You'd probably go into shock from the overwhelming variety.

At 11:22, Blogger Doug Taron said...

Amila- and intending to continue to spread...

Jim- I was in Germany about 15 years ago. I took a delightful railway trip from Amsterdam to Frankfort. The route goes right up the Rhine, with lots of views of castles and vineyards. I met up with friends in Frankfort where we spent the night and then drove to Switzerland.

Spo- I forget which blogger said this, but someone once stated that you can count yourself as having visited a state if you have peed there. By that metric, I have been to China (though I may possibly lose Georgia with that standard).

Will- Australia is definitely on the bucket list. The next ICBES conference in 2 years will probably be in Tanzania, so I, too, am closing in on all six inhabited continents.

At 18:17, Blogger Kathiesbirds said...

Doug, I have a map like this, only of the United States, and I color it in by hand with crayons! You are way ahead of me as far as countries go, since I have only been to Canada. Keep up the good work. Perhaps you will get to a few more before you leave the planet for good!


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