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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Road to Nowhere

State Highway 361 in Dixie County, Florida is a cool place. It was built decades ago at the behest of corrupt state officials as a landing strip for small airplanes running drugs into this country. It's our in the middle of nowhere along the Gulf Coast. The road runs for about 6 miles through scrub and sand, ending in a huge salt marsh. Apparently it's no longer much used for drug running, something I kept reminding myself as I went out there blacklighting late Sunday night. I did feel somewhat vulnerable by myself in such an isolated spot late at night. I also didn't get anything in to the sheet.

S-banded Tiger Beetle (Cicindela trifasciata)

A whole bunch of species of tiger beetles can be found in this spot. Unfortunately, it's too late in the season for most species. Still, I got some nice photos of the S-banded Tiger Beetle (Cicindela trifasciata) when I went back on Monday. It was interesting getting to see this somewhat notorious collecting spot.

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At 12:00, Blogger Gaelyn said...

Nice piece of rural FL. Glad you didn't get busted. ;-)

At 00:12, Blogger Ur-spo said...

I swear your night time prowlings are going to get you into trouble some day.

At 22:51, Blogger Will said...

So THAT'S what the Road to Nowhere is!
You mentioned it and I had no idea. Built with honest taxpayer money no doubt.

The pictures are, as usual, gorgeous.

At 09:52, Blogger Dave Coulter said...

That terrain has "Bay of Pigs" written all over it, hahaha

At 16:54, Anonymous hzirlin said...

Hi Doug. I was just down there last week of June. Got 11 species of Cicindela but I am writing to ask where you got info on corrupt county officials and drug smuggling. I
heard that too but cannnot locate any news stories on line.


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