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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some New Travel Adventures

Tea Plantation in the Cameron Highlands

The open road is once again calling. I have two trips coming up. The second installment of the Imperiled Butterfly Conservation and Management workshop will be held the last week in October in beautiful Gainesville, Florida. I enjoy the Gainesville area a lot, though it's been several years since I've been up that way. I'll be there starting the 24th, and should have a couple of days to run around looking at bugs and such before the workshop starts. There's a possibility that I may even get to meet FC in person while I'm out that way.

My big upcoming trip begins November 1. That's when I leave to attend the bi-annual International Congress of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers. Two years ago I blogged a fair bit from the last Congress in Ecuador. I'm looking forward to the conference for many reasons. I've never been to Asia before, so this will be extremely new territory for me. The conference is in Panang, and I will be making a three day trip to the rainforests of the Cameron Highlands as part of the trip. Butterflies! Black lighting! Tiger Beetles! Many adventures await. I don't know what Internet connectivity will be like there, so I may be posting (relatively) live, or it may have to wait until I get home.



At 11:05, Blogger Jim said...

Thanks for dropping in :) I have noticed that we don't have as many butterflies anymore like we used to here in Southern Nevada. Climate change anyone? The Valley of Fire is one of our places. It's like no other place. If you're a Trekkie then you may know that "Star Trek Generations" was filmed there for it's "otherworldly" beauty. We hope to take Homer there when he comes to visit us next weekend.

At 11:14, Blogger Gaelyn said...

Doug, these both sound like great trips. I understand the call of the road. But the trip to Ecuador, WOW, rainforests and all kinds of cool plants, bugs and animals. I look forward to posts from there whenever they show up.

At 21:45, Blogger Seabrooke said...

Oh, so envious! Probably an International Congress of Moth Exhibitors and Suppliers (if there were such a thing) would only take me as far as England. I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. We'll look forward to seeing all your treasures!

At 00:29, Blogger Ur-spo said...

jolly good fun - i vote for the tea plantation

At 09:30, Blogger Dave Coulter said...

Sounds like some great experiences await, Doug. Our local butterflies will benefit by your travels!

At 12:05, Blogger Doug Taron said...

Jim- Welcome to the Tapestry. Valley of Fire looks amazing. Will have to check it out next time I visit LV. Keep Homer in line- he needs it.

Gaelin- I'm really looking forward to both trips. Blogging will happen.

Spo- I'll have a cup for you when I visit.

Dave- I'm not sure how much the local butterflies benefit from this, but I sure do.

At 16:28, Blogger Kathiesbirds said...

Oh Doug, how exciting! I wish you well and safe trips and good butterfly and tiger beetle hunting for both trips! TR left a couple of days ago and is now on his way home. We were busy from sun up to sundown for 4 days! Now I hope to blog about it all! I can't wait to see and read your posts about your trips!

At 19:47, Anonymous Pablo said...

Send me a postcard!

At 00:54, Blogger Teri said...

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At 02:58, Blogger Gallicissa said...

I am sure you will like the Cameron Highlands with all those newish surprises. If possible hop over here to do a bit of rain foresting here too. At the very least you should consider visiting Taman Negara. I have been there and it is absolutely superb.

At 22:20, Blogger T.R. said...

Cameron Highlands!!! I've always wanted to go. You better take lots of pictures.


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