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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Then & Now Meme

This one is from UrSpo. I liked it, and so I have stolen it.

Then ~ October 1989
1. Age: 31.
2. Romantic Status: Coupled.
3. Occupation: Research Biochemist for a biotechnology company.
4. Fun night out: Dinner out with my partner.
5. My BFFs: Gary and Gary
6. I spent way too much time: I don’t regret much about how I spent time then. That was the last year that I really liked biotech.
7. I spent not enough time: Interacting with the gay community. I felt rather isolated back then.
8. I wanted to be when I grew up: well known in my field of study
9. Biggest concern: Whether my relationship would be viable in the long run.
10.What my biggest concern should have been: Whether my relationship would be viable in the long run.
11. Where did I live: Elgin, IL
12. Dumbest thing I did that year: Not get it about how resource allocation really worked in my company.
13. If I could go back now and talk to myself I would say: There’s an emerging technology called phage display. Check it out. Also, have you ever considered learning how to make your own cheese?

Now ~ October 2009
1. Age: 51.
2. Romantic Status: Married. Same guy I was with in ’89. Thanks, Canada!
3. Occupation: Museum Curator.
4. Fun night out: Dinner with friends.
5. My BFFs: I fell very fortunate to have a rich life with friends, and that Gary and Gary from’89 still make the list.
6. I spend way too much time: Chasing funding.
7. I spend not enough time: Concentrating on the tasks at hand. It’s trendy to claim ADD, so I’ll just say that I’m easily distracted.
8. I want to be when I grow up: Well known in my field of study. It seems to be working out much better with this field than the one I was in 20 years ago.
9. Biggest concern: The vicissitudes of aging.
10. What my biggest concern should be: Balancing work with the rest of my life.
11. Where do I live: Elgin, IL.
12. Dumbest thing I have done this year: I’m having trouble coming up with something. Perhaps this means that I don’t take enough chances.
13. What I think I would say to myself in 10 years: Wasn’t that a time?

1. What do I miss most from 1989: The vitality of being 31 and still having most of my life ahead of me.
2. What do I miss least from 1989: Uncertainty about my relationship.
3. What have I accomplished in 20 years that I am most proud of: Participating in the significant advancement of the ecological integrity of Bluff Spring Fen.
4. What have I NOT accomplished in 20 years that I wish I had: I wish I had a more extensive publication record.



At 09:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking on behalf of Canada: "You're welcome. It should have come sooner."

Cool meme.

At 10:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blog posts are the "new" publication - unless you need them for your career, it's much easier and more fun! So by my count, you have a few hundred publications :)

At 22:54, Blogger Ur-spo said...

you do not have ADD
you are just dumb and dizzy, darling.

At 14:26, Anonymous Mark H said...

What a FUN READ! Pretty cool stuff, Mr. Scientist! But then, you're a pretty cool human being, and we're honored to know you.


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