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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Screened Porch

Leon and I have been working on our screened porch for a long time now- longer than I've been blogging. It had fallen into disrepair. The screen panels needed to be replaced, and all of the paint need to be stripped and redone. Tow of the paint stripping jobs in particular were very diifficult.

The ceiling is beadboard. It's really hard to get all the paint out ouf the little channels that the beading forms.

The chimney was such a horrible task that I've left it during the entire 20 years that I've lived in this house. There were many layers of thick paint on it. The previous owners had decided on avocado green as the outermost layer. Leon did most of the stripping. I think it looks great back in the natural brick.

Last weekend we painted the floor a light terracotta, thereby finishing the project. Even though it has been in process, we have really come to enjoy eating out there in the summertime. Dinner on the porch while we watch the firelflies blinking on the lawn is one of the things that I really enjoy about living here.


At 13:19, Blogger Floridacracker said...

Good job! It looks great.

At 14:28, Blogger Gary Lee Phillips said...

It has been interesting to watch this long slow transformation. I always take a look whenever we visit, though I haven't always said anything about it. Short of major enhancements, I'd say you've arrived now. It looks terrific. Nice color choices, too.

At 19:54, Blogger Kirk said...

Avocado green on the brickwork? I lived in a house where the kitchen was yellow. Floor,walls ceiling, yellow.

One of the great things about a screened porch is sleeping out there. You did a good job,stripping paint over your head is tough work, you should be proud.

At 22:08, Blogger Ur-spo said...

I am glad you completed your task. Porches like this are marvelous to have. Good job !

At 08:17, Blogger Doug Taron said...

FC- Thanks.

Gary- It has been a slog. We should have you guys out to see it sometime soon.

Kirk- The avocado green was hideous. It's amazing the things that get inherited from previous owners when you move into a new house.

Spo- Indeed they are.

At 16:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a screened porch very similar to yours, but i recently decided to take advantage of federal tax credits to convert it into an enclosed sun room.

I loved the screening from floor to ceiling, but it was impractical for several reasons, mainly, rain and snow would easily drift into the room and collect on the painted wood floor. Not good. Pollen also coated everything with a fine layer of green dust each spring.

I have lost some of that feeling of being outside, now that i'm looking through windows, but the room is much more functional now. Enjoy yours!

At 19:23, Blogger Homer said...

You guys did a great job.


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