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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sagittarian Encore

The weather was unpleasant today. Raw winds and sleety rain (now all rain) have made outside activities unappealing today. That's OK, because today was time to whip up a batch of the world's purplest ice cream.

And roast a mole inspired turkey.

Because it's time once again to celebrate the party for Sagittarians and their friends. I'm about to go don my purple shirt, pull the homemade caraway Gouda and homemade Camembert cheeses out of the fridge and head on over to Rebecca's for an evening of fun and frivolity.

(Aside: If you have never tried the mole-inspired turkey, it's worth a go. It's very easy and the gravy is to die for).

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At 18:51, Blogger Fresh Kiki said...

So what is the ice cream????

At 10:57, Blogger robin andrea said...

I didn't know that purple was the color for Sagittarians. I wonder what the color is for Taurus? The turkey looks delicious, but I'm really interested in that caraway gouda. Yum.

At 11:39, Blogger Doug Taron said...

CG- black raspberry. Rebecca froze the berries last summer and I did the rest yesterday.

Robin Andrea- Taurus is turquoise, green and pink. That sound sooo preppie to me.

At 17:59, Blogger cedrorum said...

I want that cutting board.

At 21:14, Blogger Ur-spo said...

I like Sagittarians
You can trust them.

At 19:22, Blogger Doug Taron said...

cedrorum-I really like the cutting board.

Spo- What movie is that from?

At 00:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that pan!!!

Hope all had fun!


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