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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Five Things Meme

Ted from Beetles in the Bush tagged me with a meme. It's been quite a while since I've done one, so what the heck.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
  • Designing exhibits for the soon to open Nature Museum
  • Making my first attempts at breeding butterflies in the laboratory
  • Attending my first ever Invertebrates in Captivity Conference in Arizona
  • Refinancing my mortgage and going from sole to joint homeowner
  • Loving my job for the first time in my life
5 things on my to do-list today:
  • Take cats to vet for rabies vaccines - check
  • Go to the bank to make a deposit - check
  • Write Sarah's letter of recommendation
  • Laundry
  • Put up outside Christmas lights
5 snacks I love:
  • Ruffles potato chips
  • Caramello
  • Northern Spy apples
  • Mixed salted nuts
  • Oreos
5 things I would do if I was a millionaire:
  • Build home on Olympic Penninsula property
  • Purchase property in southeast Arizona
  • Pay off remaining debt from cost of building Museum
  • Contributions to Friends of Bluff Spring Fen, Conservation Foundation
  • Spend an entire year collecting insects at exotic locales around the world
5 places I've lived:
  • Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts (childhood)
  • Waterville, Maine (undergraduate)
  • Evanston, Illinois (grad school)
  • Des Plaines, Illinois (starting work)
  • Elgin, Illinois (home ownership)
5 jobs I've had:
  • Stockboy (3 mos)
  • Machine Operator (stamp press and injection mold) (6 mos)
  • Research Assistant (5 yrs)
  • Research Scientist (13 yrs)
  • Curator of Biology (11 yrs)



At 15:31, Blogger cedrorum said...

People here started putting up their Christmas lights last weekend. I just can't get myself to do it for another couple of weeks.

At 16:26, Blogger Ur-spo said...

putting up lights is admirable - I am avoiding them, hoping Someone will do them for us.

At 22:57, Blogger Unknown said...

The best potato chips are UTZ, they are made in Hanover PA, but were stocked on the shelves down in Maryland where i grew up ... and they have a good ruffled chip as well.

At 08:38, Blogger Dave Coulter said...

Hey....I was a bagger/produce weigher in a grocery store. The first job where I punched a clock!

At 14:38, Blogger Jim Lemire said...

wait a minute - you mean you're a Colby grad? Couldn't get into my alma mater down in Brunswick, huh?


At 17:01, Blogger Kathie Brown said...

Hey Doug, this was fun! Now I know a little bit more about you! 10 years ago Gus and I were in college in Presque Isle, Maine! Oh my! We are much warmer (and smarter)now! LOL! I hope you get some property in AZ someday! I smiled when I read about you wanted to pay off the deb on the Museum. It shows you have true passion and great love for what you do.

At 08:36, Blogger Doug Taron said...

cedrorum- Up here getting the outdoor lights up fairly early can be a way of avoiding doing the task in snow. As it turns out, the lights went up on bare bushes that were covered with 5" of snow the next day.

Spo- we have a pretty modest display, so it's not too much work.

Robert- Never had them, but I'll have to keep my eye out for them.

Dave- Stockboy was also the first job where I had to punch a clock. I enjoyed the machine operator job much more than that one.

Jim- Yep I'm a Colby alum. Whoa- you went to Southern Maine Community College at Brunswick? Great school. (Actually, your joke is a bit close to the reality in my case).

Kathie- Presque Isle? Thats WAY the heck up there. Waterville is the coldest place I've ever lived. I'm sure that Presque Isle was much colder.

At 15:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having moved to southeast Arizona from Chicago, I can tell you that you'd be pretty happy here--not to mention there are all sorts of interesting bugs. Did I mention that it's 66 and sunny today?

At 16:22, Blogger rodger said...


Hey...did you hear about the new Oreos? They're stuffed with an Oreo.

Okay...it's a groaner but it makes it's point.


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