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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today's lesson: the digestive system

An illustration of why biology class should never be taught by the home economics teacher.

(Thanks to Altivo and Gary).



At 09:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's funny!! Now what would I do with that!???

At 10:10, Blogger robin andrea said...

That's very creative! I will never look at yarn again without thinking colon. It gives me a little insight to why cats like to play with string.

At 22:13, Blogger Ur-spo said...

I agree; leave science to the experts.

At 07:06, Blogger lifescolorfulbrushstrokes said...

Must be a species of "manudo." LMAO! Is your museum downtown Doug? Chance of a get together for lunch on either Thursday, 6/14, or Friday, 6/15?

At 16:33, Blogger rodger said...

I don't know...looking at her user pics she's also knitted a womb. I look forward to her respiratory system.

At 15:41, Anonymous rcwbiologist said...

Wow, things are really greening up your way. What a difference from the burn pictures.


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