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Monday, May 21, 2007

Media Madness

Tomorrow morning, May 22, I will be on Good Morning America talking about the cicada emergence here in the Chicago area. Somebody estimated that the emergence would begin on May 22 (in reality, the emergence will begin when the soil temperature reaches 64°. May 22 was estimated as the date of that). The media have picked up on May 22, and have become a bit dogmatic about the emergence date. There have already been a few sporadic reports of adults, but nothng major in terms of numbers yet. The reporter did not know what time the cicada segment will air. I'll try to provide a link should one become available.

Update: Apparently GMA has noticed the lack of cicadas and is holding the story until some emgergence actually happens. I will pass along the revised air date when I get it.



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media whore


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