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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Morning America

The Good Morning America piece on cicadas aired this morning. I say about 6 words- don't blink or you'll miss me. It's the Cicadas Come Alive clip.

Hat tip: Rodger Dodger
Correction: Rodger informs me that it was actually Mark who found the clip. So you should visit him instead. Oh, heck, visit both of them- they're great guys.



At 17:55, Blogger rodger said...

Actually it was Mark that found the clip. But if you want to send more traffic to my site...be my guest.

Actually it's a bad week to send folks my way...I've been to busy to post this week.

At 09:16, Blogger seth (on the left) said...

Hey Doug: A famous Colbyite, gotta love that. Thanks for visiting. My sister Jennifer was a freshman at Colby when you were there...a long time ago!


At 15:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but it was thwart with meaning, and the best part of the clip!
Michael, your favorite media whoreson.

At 23:10, Anonymous Mark H said...

DOUG: NO need to correct anything....
I only found it because I really DID want to seriously know just WHAT a "media whore" looked like from a Biologists point of view. Sorry though, the 4-seconds didn't run long enough to give an opinion. Thank GOD we have the Weather Channel Performance by you for reference........good closeup.

At 15:48, Blogger Homer said...

I think it was nine words...

At 19:08, Anonymous Lemuel said...

Darn, with the move, I missed it all!


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