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Friday, February 16, 2007


So I’m back from Costa Rica, and about to enter one of the busier times in recent memory. I will be giving 8 talks in the next 5 weeks. So if I’m not posting here as much as I usually do, it doesn’t man that anything’s wrong, it’s just that blogging sometimes has to take a back seat to The Rest Of Life. My first talk is tomorrow. I drive up to frigid Madison, Wisconsin to make a presentation about the Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network. It’s a program that I run, and it’s something that I should probably devote an entire posting to sometime. Wisconsin is looking to set up a similar network, modelled after ours, and this will help kick off the process. I’m not looking forward to the drive- it’s supposed to snow.

On Tuesday I fly to beautiful southern California. I’m flying in and out of San Diego, but the meeting itself is in Carlsbad. The meeting is about conservation of the Laguna Mountain Skipper (an endangered butterfly). I will be participating in the discussions and giving a talk entitled Genetic Management of Captive Populations. I’m about to submit a paper to the journal Molecular Ecology Notes on this subject, but concerning the Swamp Metalmark rather than the Laguna Mountain Skipper. I’ve deliberately avoided blogging about microsatellite DNA. My readership is small enough as it is.

Friday, I’m back from SoCal and Saturday is the annual winter meeting of the Butterfly Monitoring Network. Yep, another talk. And so it goes, on through mid-March. What to do when you are overextended like this? Overextend yourself even more. Last night I didn’t get to bed until just before midnight because I was off seeing this guy in concert.

George Strait gives a hell of a good show. For me the high point was his take on Folsom Prison Blues, performed during the encore. He really rocked it out.

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At 13:59, Blogger Homer said...

Tell us, is George straight-acting?

At 15:31, Blogger Doug said...

Heheh. Yeah, ol' George is super straight acting. But then all of the male country stars seem to be. I found him kinda hot, too. Definitely a good show.

At 19:30, Anonymous Lemuel said...

Welcome back, Doug!

At 09:47, Blogger Ur-spo said...

it looks like your career is taking a more visible profile. I wonder if some channel show will start to scope you out as a regular drop in.

At 19:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy trails to yooouuu, until we meet agaiiinn......

At 22:21, Blogger rodger said...

Only Johnny can sing Folsom Prison Blues!


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