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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nasty Food MEME

Ur-Spo has come up with a fun meme about the dark underbelly of food. Here's my shot at it.

1.Your oddest craving?

Fried Clams

2. The forbidden food?
I’m allergic to crustaceans (shrimp, crab, etc.). Fortunately, I’m not allergic to all shellfish (see #1).

3. A dish that makes you queasy?

4. Your least favorite food vegetable?
Beets. And doubly so for pickled beets (see #3).

5. Your worst cooking disaster?
I tried a flourless chocolate cake from a cookbook called Beat This once. It looked cooked, but wasn’t. When I opened the springform pan, uncooked chocolate batter went everywhere. I said bad words.

6. A Cooking exercise you don’t do well?
I’m at my least confident cooking meat.

7. Food that arouses the most suspicion?
Head Cheese. The name alone gives me the willies, but it also looks gross.

8. A drink you used to drink but no more?
Raspberry flavored Zarex .

9. Least favorite fast food chain?
Pizza Hut. Why bother since you can get much better pizza just about anywhere?

10. When in doubt, eat….
Pizza (but not by Pizza Hut. See#9)

11. A restaurant faux pas that would get you to speak up?
Saturday night I ordered a glass of Zinfandel at an Italian restaurant and they brought white Zinfandel. Although, actually it was someone else at the table who spoke up- I didn’t want to waste food.

12. Is there something spoiled in the fridge right now?
A Tupperware container of mashed winter squash has been in there since before Christmas.

13. Food you can’t buy as your spouse/partner won’t allow it in the house
Althopugh we both eat things that the other doesn’t like, we don’t forbid food from coming into the house. Perhaps Ur-Spo should have a talk with Someone.

14. Food your spouse/partner likes that you don’t like.
Pickled Herring.

15. Your least favorite type of cuisine?
Japanese. I don’t care for either miso or sushi. The rest of the menu just doesn’t do much for me.

16. I food you hated as a child but now love?
Rice Pilaf. I now eat too much of the stuff (there’s a half stick of butter in the recipe, so it’s bad for you).



At 19:17, Anonymous Lemuel said...

I love fried clams! So it would be weird for me too I guess.

Beets! I love beets, especially pickled beets and harvard beets, so you'll either need to stay away from my house or else I'll eat them for you at your's.

At 19:34, Blogger Ur-spo said...

please do something about the squash prior to this friday!
and leave beets, pickles, and herring all behind thank you
Don't mention the "M" word to Someone, it literally gets him ill.

At 09:57, Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

Cool meme...I'll do it soon. Have fun in C.R. with the Spo.

At 11:50, Blogger rodger said...

Fried clams...far better than raw but I could do without them.

I almost added beets to #4. I'm totally with you on this one and the Head Cheese. Ewww!

White Zin is not a food...heck it's not even a wine in my book.

A true scientist...experiments running rampant in the fridge!

I'm with you on the sushi but I loves me some miso.

You don't like anything pickled?

At 13:06, Blogger Ur-spo said...

Rodger, I've seen Doug pickled and it ain't too bad.


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