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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Eagle has Landed....

And my luggage has arrived. More importantly, my entomology equipment is here. The black light is firing up even as I type. I am hoping that I will be motivated to have a late night.

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At 04:55, Anonymous Lemuel said...

We won't ask which you were the happier to see: your entomologoy equipment or your underwear. :)

At 10:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who needs underwear in 80 degree humidity?

So glad you are having a great time. You may hate to leave!

You could have borrowed some of spo's bikini thongs. Didn't he offer?

At 15:11, Blogger Doug said...

Lemuel- It's not even close. The entomology equipment. I could and did buy new underwear. The entomology stuff could not be replaced on the road.

P.S. After all the sutm und drang, the black lighting sucked last night.


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