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Friday, January 19, 2007

Media Madness

On Monday afternoon I will be interviewed by The Weather Channel. We will be discussing how we create a year-round tropical atmosphere in our butterfly exhibit. It will likely air Monday evening. I will update with a projected broadcast time on Monday when TWC lets us know.

Update: It now looks like the butterfly segment will air between 7:45 and 8:00 PM Central time on Monday evening (1/22).

Updated update: The segment will air at 7:30.



At 17:59, Anonymous Lemuel said...

I'll try to look for it. I assume it would be 8:45-9:00 EST?

At 15:42, Blogger Ur-spo said...

Will you be interviewed by TWC heart throb,Jim Cantorri?!

At 16:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh...how exciting!!

*shaking head* Spo is scoping out the man candy, sheesh.

At 06:58, Blogger Doug said...

Lemuel- Yes, TWC does their broadcasting in real time (though the interview will be taped), so it will be 8:45 EST.

Spo- sadly, no. The interview will be done by a local Chicago guy.

Butterfly Girl- I'm just as disappointed as Spo that it won't be Cantore. I'd settle for Mike Bettis, but he won't be doing the interview, wither.

At 15:32, Anonymous Mark H said...

We have TIVO set. This better be GOOD ! And, by the way, I DO hope to see you making lots of smarty pants comments.....eh? IF Spo doesn't want to go to Costa Rica how long is the waiting list for his replacement? I'll sign up.

At 20:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark caught you on Tivo and I have to say I love your enthusiasm, you obviously love what you do! And, you're so comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe Spo's right and you are a media whore.

How did that interviewer get his job? Mammals? I guess you only need a third grade education to work at The Weather Channel?

At 20:33, Blogger Ur-spo said...

Doug, you did great! and such tact when Bozo called butterflies 'mammals".
You came off great.

At 07:38, Blogger Doug said...

Rpdger and Spo- Thanks for the kind words. In defense of the reporter, he was MORTIFIED by calling butterflies mammals. He mentioned it about 3 times after the interview. He may have been flustered. They were having problems with the camera with less than 2 minutes to going live. Fortunatley it all worked out.

At 11:15, Anonymous Mark H said...

You ARE forgiving....or were YOU flustered too? The guy is a BOZO who has a job only because of his looks (which aren't appealing to us, but....they suit the camera) so he was NOT qualified to even talk to you. You're too kind....had to explain TWICE what would happen if you put that small "mammal" outside at 0. Whew! I DO believe there's a great documentary possibility here about your museum...and camera crew traveling to odd parts of the world with you to pick up newe specimensssss...... Nice Show! ! ! !


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