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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IBCM V - Palos Verdes Blue

I'm in southern California attending the fifth installment of the Imperiled Butterfly Conservation and Management workshop. I'm having a great time, thought the weather has been touch and go. Yesterday we began by touring the sitr in Long Beach where the Palos Verdes Blue was re-discovered back in 1994 after having been thought extinct for 11 years.

Discussing the Palos Verde Blue in the Rain

The day began inauspiciously with rain, hard enough that I was briefly reminded of the underwater bioblitz in Indiana from a couple of years ago. Our hosts were gracious in the cold rain. That's Ken with the clipboard and Travis Longicore at the far right. Travis is an ecologist whose work I have admiredfor a while. I was pleasantly surprised when he approached me as we walked to one of the field sites and asked if I was Doug, adding that he was a fan of my blog. I was very complimented, and decided that it was high time to begin posting again. Hi Travis!

Palos Verdes Blue Release Site

After lunch the weather began improving and the decision was made to release a couple dozen adult blues that had been reared in the laboratory. Things (including the workshop participants) were still a bit soggy, but we had a successful field release. I managed to get some decent photos.

Palos Verdes Blue (Glaucophyche lygdamus palosverdesensis)

Underside View

We had lunch and some lectures at Friendship Park, another nearby butterfly release site. After lunch, we took a walk to the top of a hill in the park. The view to the east shows just how urbanized the immediate vicinity of this butterfly's habitat has become. Is it any wonder that this is now an endangered species? As we crested the hill, a lovely vista of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands came into view. It was a lovely opening day for the conference, and a good reminder of the importance of dry socks.

Urban Scene Looking East from Friendship Park

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At 09:17, Blogger jaycoles@gmail.com said...

Yes, it is time you started posting again. I have missed you. Thanks Travis.

At 09:45, Anonymous Sylvia said...

Yea! You're back!

At 18:10, Blogger Homer said...

Glad to see you are back!

At 19:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Doug!

At 00:36, Blogger Ur-spo said...

I too am pleased as punch to see you 'back in the saddle' again.
Dolly won't every go away again?

At 14:59, Blogger James C. Trager said...

Funny -- After reading your FB post that it was over, I googled IBCM, and got a lot of hits I was quite sure it wasn't (most involving "Baptist Church"). This IBCM needs to increase its google visibility. :)
Sounds like a really interesting meeting. There is something very special about those little specks of remnant California grassland, especially at this time of year!
(You'd like them too, Ted.)

At 16:31, Blogger Kathie Brown said...

Doug, I have been waiting for you to post again! Wonderful! Love that blue butterfly and the scene in the last photo! Facebook is quick and easy but bloggin' is more fun!

At 14:19, Blogger Doug Taron said...

Thanks to all for the warm welcome to my return to blogging.

At 19:18, Blogger KristenW said...

I would LOVE to feature on of your butterfly photos on the wall of a local Palos Verdes elementary school. If you are willing to allow us to use it would you contact me please?
We hope to incorporate it into an art wall near a newly installed butterfly garden.
Thanks so much,


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