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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why I haven't Been Sleeping Well

We've had her for about 3 weeks. She doesn't yet have a name, though we are considering Nadia. She walks along the bar under the dining room table as though it's a balance beam.

She's also a big part of the reason we're not having a Christmas tree this year.



At 19:43, OpenID liliannattel said...

Awww, she is sweet.

At 21:30, Blogger Ur-spo said...

She's wonderful!
I so miss my black cat Tiberius.
May I suggest Livia or Cosmic Creepers?

At 22:25, Blogger Jay Simser said...

Precious. I have a black cat who belongs to my nephew (but he will play hell getting her back) Her name is Cassie for Cassiopeia and she approves of your new friend...not that it matters but I do also.

At 01:11, Blogger wcs said...

Looks like our black cat named Bertie. He's an outdoor cat and lives in the garage and utility room. The dog refuses to have him in the house.

I have no name suggestions.

At 08:27, Blogger Cobban said...

Yes, good thing NOT to have a tree this year.

At 08:32, Blogger Zoe's Art Stuff said...

Gorgeous!!! And you can just put a bow on her head and have her chase a flashlight on the wall to make up for the Christmas tree, right? (and Nadia is a beautiful name)

At 10:53, Blogger Will said...

I like Dr. Spo's suggestion of Livia -- because she will silently observing and plotting to take supreme power until she eventually has total control over you both.

Have a good day!

At 11:53, Blogger Floridacracker said...

whoa! She's sleekly black!
Might be one of those Labrador Catriever kitties.

"Nadia" dates you dude.

At 13:01, Blogger Celeste said...

What no Christmas tree but she would love it!!! tee-hee!
She is gorgeous Doug :)

At 18:29, Blogger Kirk said...

She looks like trouble to me. Get her a laser pointer for Christmas.

At 18:51, Anonymous Mark H said...

I've never known someone who got a CAT to get out of spending 4 days decorating a tree. Our Mac is thoroughly disappointed in your selection of that animal and asks, "WHY not a dog?". But on the other hand, she IS quite beautiful....and I'm sure the back of that tail is wagging......actively seducing you. Beware.

At 20:12, Blogger Homer said...

My cats have never climbed into my Holiday Tree.

At 21:36, Blogger Caroline said...

Breakables up high, tie the tree to the curtain rods or some such, avoid anything static-y, it will jump off the tree on to the cat.
A tree just might survive a cat...maybe. We observe all of the above at our house. There are also dog precautions, if needed.

At 16:29, Blogger Kathiesbirds said...

Congratulations! I hope you all adjust well. I don't even bother to decorate the bottom branches of my tree any more. Bonnie quickly strips off all ornaments. She thinks it is so nice of me to provide her with this great big toy once a year!


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