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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Success with the Silver-bordered Fritillary

This Silver-bordered Fritillary was photographed earlier today at Gensburg-Markham Prairie. It is the offspring (or, perhaps, grand-offspring) of Silver-bordered Fritillaries that were reared at the Nature Museum last summer and released at Gensburg-Markham Prairie last September. We have the beginnings of a new population of this regionally imperiled species.


At 22:36, Blogger rodger said...

That looks a lot like a BF I saw light on a hosta yesterday. I'll have to see what BFs we have here that look similar.

Beautiful little guy/girl. Hard to say which since it's not mating. Trying to make your blog more family friendly? ;-p

At 00:05, Blogger Ur-spo said...


At 07:03, Blogger Randy Emmitt said...

Great work getting these back into new habitat.

Mt first experience with this species was in northern VA, I chased two for a half mile is waist high grass to get a so so photo. A few years later while in PA I was photographing damselflies and the frit appeared next to me for photos.

Have you seen my post with all the WV mountain butterflies?

At 11:14, Blogger Jim said...

So cool. Congratulations! Mother Earth needs every little bit of help it can get.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. :)

At 14:44, Blogger Will said...

You really do blessed work, Doug. Now with all your remarkable success, would you consider working on another endangered species: intelligent people in politics?

At 08:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You continue to do great work Doug.
You may wish to check out my Tuscan visit butterfly shots.



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