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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yellow Violets

Yellow Violet (Viola pennsylvanica)

I had heard of yellow violets long before I saw one. I found them fascinating. I remember being vaguely jealous of my college friend Kathy who knew where they grew near her home town in Vermont. We have a nice population at the Fen. I thought of her when I took this photo.

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At 05:15, Blogger Lemuel said...

I'm not sure that I ever saw any in my home area.

At 11:39, Blogger Steve Borichevsky said...

I was just going to say that we had them where I grew up in Vermont!

At 01:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw some of these for the first time today in the southern Ozarks!

At 08:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Doug, we have Marsh Marigolds here, but not "Yellow" violets and they would be something pretty to see.

At 19:24, Blogger Ur-spo said...

yellow violets ain't fittin.

At 16:36, Blogger rodger said...

ooh, ooh, ooh, we have them out by the front door. They just showed up last year and I moved some to my cutting garden. They're gorgeous!!

At 07:50, Blogger Adam Ussishkin said...

We have some blooming right now in Wisconsin - they are so beautiful!


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