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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Media Madness

There's a really nice story about the Butterfly Haven in today's Chicago Tribune. As is very typical of such stories, they don't get the chrysalis stage quite right. A butterfly does not "weave" its chrysalis. They chrysalis forms under the skin of the caterpillar. When the butterfly pupates, the skin splits open, revealing the chrysalis underneath.

Even better than the story is a really cool video that they shot of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. You are hearing Vincent on the voice over. Amusing story about the video. The reporter and photographer/videographer arrived in early afternoon a couple of weeks ago. The photographer said that their editor wanted him to get video of a butterfly actually emerging from the chrysalis. That can be a tough assignment, because it's really hard to tell exactly when the butterfly will emerge. We told him his best bet would be early in the morning, so he came back the next day.

The butterflies cooperated beautifully and we had great footage of 2 butterflies emerging and he was on his way in 45 minutes. While waiting for the butterflies to emerge, we were making small talk. He mentioned growing up in a really small town in New England that I wouldn't have heard of. I asked him which one, and he said Manchester-by-the -Sea in Massachusetts- my old home town (pop. around 6,000). We had gone to the same high school and even had a couple of the same teachers, albeit 21 years apart.

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At 09:18, Blogger Lemuel said...

That video is very cool!

At 13:12, Anonymous Mark H said...

MOST COOL....Doug, I have ALWAYS had a FUN time when I meet someone from or near my little hick town in SE Oregon...sounds like a Grand Day Out. Congrats on the cheese, too....we STILL haven't settled into getting at our first try. And Congrats on the Butterfly outing itself.

At 17:48, Anonymous Heather said...

It's a small world, no?

I waited for a monarch to hatch once and I kept checking it and just like that it hatched and I missed it. Amazing stuff.

At 19:06, Blogger cedrorum said...

I've said it before. I've given up on the media trying to interview me on biology.

At 19:47, Blogger Robert V. Sobczak said...

A friend of mine has family who live in MBTS. I wonder if they ever use that acronym for it, it seems like such a long name to spell out all the time.

At 21:39, Anonymous Greg said...

What a great video. Really wonderful to watch and I'm not sure I knew any of that about the transformation and emergence. Thanks!

At 00:19, Blogger Ur-spo said...

oh you know

At 01:35, Blogger SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

That was a great assignment and I am glad he got his video footage. This is sometimes a very small world we live in. :)

At 17:53, Blogger Will said...

Super video, Doug, and very nice that your place is getting this kind of recognition.

It's a wonder when coincidences like your sharing MBTS with the reporter happen. Delightful story.


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