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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Radio Silence

I've been really slow about blogging, reading blogs, and commenting this week. It's been the week before vacation, so I've been getting things together before going out of town. I'm in the airport about to fly to Palm Springs right now. Expect a week of blogging about hikes in the desert, with interesting flora and fauna and (I hope) a really kickass Skywatch next Friday. I hope we land in time to zip over to City Hall this afternoon and participate in the end of the anti-Proposition 8 protest.

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At 09:59, Blogger robin andrea said...

If the temps in the desert are anything like what we're expecting here on the coast today (84 F) it's going to be HOT. Looking forward to your desert pics.

No on Prop 8 protest here in Santa Cruz today too.

At 16:37, Blogger Pat said...

I was able to go to the anti prop 8rally in Northampton, MA. It was great to see how many people showed up despite the rain. Just a guess, but I think maybe 300 showed up. It was a dismal day made sunny by intentions. I am curious to find out how the rallys fared across America.

At 17:10, Blogger Lemuel said...

safe journey!

At 19:31, Blogger Ur-spo said...

I hope there are no fires in the area?

Please give a hug to the Chestnutz boys.

Please curtail Leon from too much late night partying down town.

At 07:05, Blogger cedrorum said...

Be careful of fires in Chaparral. Looking forward to some posts.

At 11:27, Blogger Doug Taron said...

Robin- Friends from Los Angeles were saying that it was hotter on the coast than here in the desert yesterday. It was beautifully sunny and warm (today, too).

Pat- Welcome to the Tapestry! Thanks for stopping by, and for representing at the Northampton rally yesterday. Unfortunately, by the time we landed, the rally here in Palm Springs was over :(

I like your blog. If your kitty ever turns up missing, suspect kittynapping by me. What a cutie- I'm smitten.

Lem- Thanks.

Spo- I said hi for you.

cedrorum- A friend from LA drove out yesterday and was badly delayed because the fires have snarled traffic so badly. No problems out here in the Coachella Valley.


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