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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The October Dance

Pride goeth during the Fall - Butternut Squash from the garden

Today, we're having a change in the weather. It's been cloudy and blustery all day. We have had a couple of showers of sleet. Tonight light snow and a low of 29° F are predicted. Therefore, today we:

• Drained and coiled the hoses
• Brought in the houseplants
• Took the chair cushions in off of the screened porch and put them into storage
• Picked all the remining vegetables in the garden, including all the squash in the photo above, a bunch of green tomatoes and red peppers, a tiny bit of basil and, amazingly, enough green beans for one more meal.

Bring it on, winter!!

Unrelated: I made 4 rounds of camembert today.

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At 18:07, Blogger Floridacracker said...

And so it begins!
Nice haul from the garden tho.

At 18:47, Blogger Chilmarkgirl said...

Very nice haul fro the garden-so VERY jealous! David and I attended the last Marblehead Farmers Market yesterday- winter is looming- bring on the snow(we are the big time skiing family)
Doug- I expect a GOOD camenbert for Xmas!

At 19:17, Blogger Celeste said...

mmmmm! Squash soup for dept meeting on Thursday???

At 19:31, Blogger Lemuel said...

Yesterday I pulled the remains of our tomato plants up - and had to buy tomatoes for the first time in since mid-summer. Time to get ready.

At 20:35, Blogger Ur-spo said...

a fun halloween craft is painting butternut squash white and adding black eyes - they make good ghosts.

At 20:46, Blogger Doug Taron said...

FC- Yeah, this is something you don't really have to contend with very much. Once again I'm faced with the feeling that I'm staring down the barrel of another Chicago winter.

CG- Next week, the local Chicago farmers market will move to the Museum for its winter market. I always enjoy that. On the Camembert, this onwe is made with Pasteurized milk, will age for the usual amount of time, and is being made with fresh white mold. Also, I'm disinfecting the bar fridge before it goes in to ripen. The only problem I've had so far (except for the one you have tried) is occasional insufficient runniness. This one should be OK.

Celeste- Probably not this week, but perhaps later.

Lem- Time, indeed. I always find the end of the vegetable garden to be a rather melancholy occasion.

Spo- Butternut squash is one of my all time favorite vegetables. These are for eating.

At 23:33, Blogger Ur-spo said...

You're no fun; you fall right over.

At 18:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow you ARE all ready for winter!
We haven't done the full clean up yet..DID do the water turn off though!

At 19:16, Blogger cedrorum said...

We are supposed to hit 38 tonight. I'll believe it when it happens. It is quite brisk for our part of the country though. The veggies look great.

At 13:25, Anonymous Mark H said...

I'm with you, DOUG . . . shedding the garden, who has been such a bounteous friend to us all summer, IS a melancholy duty. After nurturing, watering, feeding each plant all summer, it's sad to see them go. I COULD NOT believe you got all those grn beans out of there this late! The deer have now finished everything off out here except: Parsley....

At 17:18, Blogger Homer said...

The AC is on in my office as I read this...

At 10:07, Blogger Cat said...


At 12:25, Blogger Dave Coulter said...

A pretty good haul, I'd say!

At 00:55, Blogger Marvin said...

Nice looking butternut squash. The squash bugs saw to it that we had no squash.

At 07:08, Blogger Robert V. Sobczak said...

The butternut squash are gord-eous. They make the best soups!

At 11:48, Blogger Doug Taron said...

merri- well, were not all ready for winter, but we're getting there.

cedrorum- the weather has moved on since I wrote this, and we're now having some nice Indian summer.

Mark- I think the late crop of beans may be die to the bad Japanese beetle damage this simmer. Once the beetles died down, the beans put on some new growth and flowered again. We did have the freeze, so the vines are now gone. But that last meal was delicious.

Homer- Do Arizonans ever turn off their AC? Nice work on making Sen. McCain nervous in his home state.

Cat- Welcome to the Tapestry. I hope they will be yummy.

Dave- It's the most I've ever harvested from my own garden.

Marvin- I have found that I can foil the squash borers by planting late.

Robert- Yuk yuk. Some of these will find their way into soups.

At 09:01, Blogger Texas Travelers said...

Squash! Soup or baked?

Did you remember to put a little bit of bacon grease in with the beans? I know, it's not healthy but sure improves the flavor IMHO.

Have a great week,

At 22:59, Blogger Kathiesbirds said...

Ah, how well I remember "hunkering down" for the winter!


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