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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Frigid Weekend

This past weekend was too cold to do much other than stay indoors. The high temeprature at our house on Saturday was +3°F. Sunday got up to a balmy +7. In a rare move, we cancelled Saturday's Bluff Spring Fen workday.

Saturday, Leon and I did venture out to Brookfield Zoo, wehre we each took out annual test to renew our state herbicide licenses. Retesting is done every three years, and we were up for a retest this year. We have had bad luck with the weather and this event. Three uears ago, we drove down in a blinding snowstorm. Unfortunatley, we did not get the instant gratification of knowing whether we had passed or not. The machine that scores the tests shorted out just before we turned them in. I'm confident that I passed.

Sunday we realized that we were tired of being cold. So we went shopping and bought an electric blanket. It's so nice to get into a bed that's already warmed up.

It's much warmer today. Typical of the Midwest, it warmed up to snow, and we got about 4" last night. Today the temperature will snap down again, but it won't be as cold as over the weekend. I'm tired of winter. On the bright side, there's only 3 1/2 weeks until I depart for a tropical experience.



At 09:53, Blogger robin andrea said...

Roger and I must be total wimps, we bought a heated mattress pad, and the temps were only dipping into the 30s. Getting into a warm bed is heavenly. Where in the tropics are you headed?

At 11:39, Anonymous Mark H said...

Man oh man! A tiny bit of zeros and snow and YOU are off to the tropics. After reading all these posts about hiking in the spines of the Sierras, collecting bugs in South America or anywhere else, and here you cancel a FEN day just because your hands are frozen! **WE are having one (of about only 2-3 times this happens a year) OUR cold spells....but OUR cold snap sits at 25, the humidity drops to 25-30 (low for us) and it draws EAST WINDS from Central Oregon's dry deserts through the Columbia Gorge. So it's not the temps that get to us, it's cold winds blowing through every bit of clothing you can wear. The squirrels and birds all have their feathers, fur fluffed, they look fat, their water is frozen, this is rare for us. OKAY, I'm more whiny than you. Got it. I KNOW Chicago CAN BE COLD in the winter. ***When we visit, I would LIKE to see the Brookfield Zoo...... *oh yeah, we're jealous of your FUN trip to the tropics.

At 23:05, Blogger Ur-spo said...

i miss the cold and snow.

At 08:57, Blogger Doug Taron said...

Robin- What really matters is how cold the bedroom gets. In our case, the answer is "cold enough for an electric blanket." More on my trip to the tropics in today's post.

Mark- I admit it, this was a pretty whiny post. It's winter. It's Chicago. Occasional forays into the dee freeze are part of the package. I'd love to show you and Rodger the Brookfield Zoo (and some other Chicago sights) sometime.

Spo- I probably would, too. But I've had enough after about a month of winter.


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