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Friday, November 30, 2007

Vamonos a Mexico

Monarch coated branches in the El Rosario reserve
Michoacán, Mexico

I haven't been posting much this week. I'm scarecly back from Ecuador, and I'm getting ready to leave town again. Next Tuesday, I'll be heading down to Morelia, the capitol of Michoacán, Mexico. It's the site of the famed monarch butterfly wintering roosts. I'll be participating in a trinational meeting (Canada, US, and Mexico) to develop a conservation flyway program for the monarch. I've been trying to simultaneously play catchup from my previous trip, and prepare for my coming one. I'm giving a talk at this meeting, and prepping for that is taking lots of time at the moment. I should be able to blog from Mexico, and plan to take lots of photos. The ones here are from a trip in March of 2001, and I'm not at all happy with how they turned out. Plus, they're *sniff* film. I'm hoping that my digital camera serves me well on this adventure. I'll try to get one final post on Ecuador out before I leave town.

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At 06:42, Anonymous rcwbiologist said...

I once was lucky enough to get to tag monarchs in Ventura, north of Los Angeles. It was a great morning that I will never forget. Flyways for migrating species are becoming a hot topic as we here in the states do lots and southern countries don't do much or anything at all. I've heard that is changing through efforts like what you are partaking in. I would love to read a post on where this stands in relation to the monarch. I've mostly heard about these meetings in relation to migratory birds.

At 09:52, Anonymous Jyoti said...

That sounds such a promising and interesting trip ... Please do get lots of photographs ... I am so happy that some steps are taken to preserve the migrating monarch route and all three involved countries are participating ... looking forward to your posts from mexico!

At 21:49, Blogger Doug said...

I love your photos, so I hope your camera does well, too.

Have a great trip!

At 23:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to see that! Have a safe trip! Bring me back something pretty!


At 22:08, Blogger Ur-spo said...

good journey to you.


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