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Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogging for the Environment - Blog Action Day

Monday, October 15 is Blog Action Day. It's a challenge to bloggers to post something related to the environment on that day.

On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future.

A posting might be a photo, an essay, or a link to a previous post that you have done on the topic. The post need not be about the political aspects of the environment. A rememberance of a camping or hiking trip you particularly enjoyed, or a photo of the natural world would make great contributions. I've already signed on as a participant, you can join in here. Readers whose blogs I have linked to at the bottom of my blogroll (Science and Nature Blogs) may well already to be planning participation. So far, I know that the Dharma Bums are.

I'd like to challenge all of my readers who are also bloggers to post something on Monday. I typically don't "tag" folks for memes, but there are three readers not in the Science and Nature section of my blogroll who have previously expressed themselves well on this topic. So I'd like to extend personal invitations to UrSpo, Whirly Steve, and Mark H. to take part. Even if I haven't invited you personally, whether it's because you have said that you don't like being tagged (cough Homer cough), because I've never seen you write about the environment, or because you're likely to be participating anyway, why don't you give it a go? I'd love to see what everyone has to say.



At 14:41, Blogger Dave Coulter said...

Great idea....I'm in!

At 15:20, Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

You have my commitment :)

At 16:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and the Dharma Bums have the commitment from me.

At 07:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this idea. I'm in!

At 16:00, Blogger Ur-spo said...

i too will do something, although i am not clear yet what.

At 19:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't much time here but I will try to pop something meaningful out!


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