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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And so it begins...

Being the weather junkie that I am, I note with interest that the 2007 hurricane season is off to an early start. Subtropical Storm Andrea was named just a short while ago.



At 16:13, Anonymous rcwbiologist said...

I must confess to being quite the weather junkie myself. It can get quite exciting down here in the Carolinas during the next several months. I was pretty bored with the weather in Los Angeles the 16 years I lived there. People would come out on their balconies just to see lightning because it was so rare in the L.A. basin. I was glad to get back to a place that had thunderstorms.

At 16:48, Anonymous Lemuel said...

Let's just hope that we stop far short of the Greek alphabet this year.

At 21:06, Blogger robin andrea said...

Another weather junkie here! Keeping my eye on the new storm system and reading up on how dry it's been in California. Did you read recently that Australia has told its farmers that they will probably not be permitted to irrigate because all the water will be needed for drinking? These are such interesting times.

At 01:40, Blogger Ur-spo said...

being a weather channel nut/storm queen, I am thrilled.
bring'em on!


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