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Monday, October 10, 2011

Five Things

I've been shorthanded at work for the last month and a half- hence my lack of posting. In celebration of National Coming Out Day (tomorrow!) I have previously blogged about my own coming out- but I've now told most of that story (the bits of the story are here, here, and here. UrSpo recently did a post that serves nicely as a meme appropriate for a day dedicated to honesty in identity. The question is simple:

What five things would you pick to symbolize yourself?

1. Leon. This should surprise nobody. I have spent over half my life with the man. He has helped me to become the man I am today and my life would be greatly impoverished without him.

2. A butterfly net. Butterflies have at various times of my life been my hobby or my career, but they have always been my passion. Most people who know me strongly associate me with them. My current net has accompanied me across the country, and to many exotic places including Ecuador, Malaysia and Mexico, so it also represents my love of travel.

3. Home made cheese. Although a relatively recent interest, cheese making represents a lot of what I like about food and cooking. The end result is something that I really enjoy sharing with family and friends. For me, cheese making appeals to both head and heart. My heart responds to the nurturing aspects of making something good for people who mean a lot to me. For a while I was teaching the process to a friend and felt similarly about that experience. My head really enjoys the chemistry involved.

4. A Spo-shirt. This object is really about friendship. UrSpo makes fabulous Hawaiian-style shirts, and I am the proud recipient of several of these. A handmade gift such as this (or, for example, jam or tomatillo salsa) is a beautiful expression of friendship. I choose this item both as a specific emblem of my friendship with Spo and as a more general symbol of the importance of friendship in my life.

5. Bluff Spring Fen. I got the Fen at about the same time that I got Leon. It has been a joint project and a labor of love for nearly thirty years now. I would have had no idea when I started volunteering there, but the fen has influenced huge parts of my life: where I live, my job, my marriage. As with all great loves it has been the source of both joy and heartache. My decision to become involved remains one of the most fulfilling transformative experiences of my life.

Happy Coming Out Day to all!

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At 17:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 18:31, Anonymous bev said...

Five wonderful choices!

At 22:04, Blogger Ur-spo said...

I am glad you included the fen; it is your purlieu.
I am honored you included a shirt of mine.

At 00:37, Blogger wcs said...

Talk about a fab five! What's interesting for me is that as I read each item, I felt I already knew each of those things about you... you blog about them frequently. You are truly self-aware and that's a cool thing. :)

At 15:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. When I first glanced it in my reader, based on the photos I thought it was about thanksgiving. So I suppose that the objects that are symbolic of life and all that is life enhancing are the same as those that would describe gratitude. Beautiful.

At 06:25, Anonymous TGIQ said...

I'm a bit late, but this is a great post. My relationship with my partner is an important part of my identity too. Happy belated Coming Out Day! :-)

At 04:10, Blogger TR Ryan said...

Beautiful post!!!


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