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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Spo Shirt Arrives!

My good friend and blogger extraordinaire Urspo has started an event. The Spomeister is a talented tailor and makes his own Hawaiian style shirts.

He has been sending one of his creations to various blogger friends. They photograph themselves wearing it, post the photos on their blogs, and send the shirt on to the next recipient.

UrSpo then makes a donation to your selection from one of four charities. I choose Doctors Without Borders.

We decided to do the shirt photos while visiting our friends Iva and Kevin out in the country. I got Leon to wear the shirt, too. Thanks Dr. Spo for including us in the fun



At 22:44, Blogger Ur-spo said...

Thank you both, for being part of this!

At 21:13, Blogger Will said...

You and The Wild One both look great in the shirt! There are collateral benefits to the SpoShirt tour: I have developed a very nice relationship with Erik Rubright to whom I sent the shirt after we'd had the photos taken.
I had read his blog on and off but never really taken part in the comment life of it. That's all changed now and a sly little flirtation breaks out every now and again. :-)

At 11:21, Blogger Ron said...

Looking good Doug!

At 18:49, Anonymous Mark H said...

We TOO took a turn......could you tell we'd worn it?

At 10:42, Blogger Roy said...

Hey Doug, you really shouldn't be aloud out during daylight hours wearing that.{:)


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