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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Signs of Spring in Chicago - Take 2

There was a lot of snowmelt today. Still, by the time sunset rolled around, there was still plenty of white ground. Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I discovered that spring is arriving, snowstorm or not. You just can't keep a good season down.

Snow crocus, living up to their name

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At 22:35, Anonymous Mark H said...

Oh Doug! Crocuses are SO last week! I KID ! ! ! I am feeling so BAD for all of you Mid-Westerners right now...you're either freezing under snow up north, or drowning in floods south of you, I just can't find an ounce of energy to whine about gray clouds in Oregon. I AM excited though about your Crocus photos. I can clearly see it has given you HOPE, and you WILL make it to that day in Chicago it goes from 35 to 75 in about a week. Glad the snow's melting.

At 05:06, Blogger Lemuel said...

Such wondrously welcome sights!

At 08:54, Blogger BentonQuest said...

No flowers on this side of Lake Michigan. I am soooooo tired of winter!

At 22:21, Blogger Ur-spo said...

such lovely croci
I do miss spring in the midwest
especially the daffodils
thank you for the photos.

At 07:09, Blogger Dave Coulter said...

THAT'S more like it!

At 07:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is something about the spring flowers that insist on coming up with their beauty, frigid air or not. Strength, that's it. They pop through the hard earth no matter what. It's kind of thrilling to see them!

But maybe that is just me.

At 14:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, the creepy pic didn't work and WHY OH WHY doesn't wordpress like you!!! I always have to moderate your comments!!!

Email me a link to the pic if you like, I'm curious!

At 21:41, Blogger Chris said...

Lovely, lovely crocuses! So strong to withstand the snow! Nice pictures.


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