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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Madrean Woodland Near Sycamore Canyon, Arizona



At 11:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous photo. . . . What elevation is this place at (asking really if the heat index is like most of AZ, or maybe higher so as cool as the photo looks). Your work seems fascinating. I have a niece working with endangered plant life in Borneo! Lonely but dedicated she is. Your new blog, in my opinion, is going to quite fascinating. Thanks for sharing your life work. / Mark - NW, partner of Rodger

ps: We maintain a NW garden diary too, so already are tuned into wildlife. We've been feeding birds for years and you're right not too many butterflies, but a few come to our Butterfly Bushes (there are many).

At 16:10, Blogger Doug said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. The elevation in the photo is fairly high, around 4000'. When I visit, it's usually cooler than Rio Rico, which is cooler than Tucson. Even in August, it has typically been no higher than the upper 80's. I was there in March once and there was even wet snow falling.

At 10:23, Blogger john said...

Absolutely gorgeous.


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