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Friday, August 18, 2006

Baby Steps

I have been reluctant to do this. For a while now, it's been my position that the blogging bandwagon seems awfully crowded, and I already have too many things happening in my life. Recently, however, several friends have begun blogging. I've been reading and commenting on their blogs, and I find myself being inexorably sucked into the vortex. And now it's just after hours on a somewhat drizzly Friday afternoon and here I am composing my first posting. I don't know how this will go, nor how often I will be posting, but it's time to dive in.

So why Gossamer Tapestry? I'm a conservation biologist and I do a lot of ecological restoration work. I expect to be talking about that a fair bit here. My specialty is restoration of endangered butterfly species. I have used the expression Gossamer Tapestry in some previous writings to express the richness of the world of butterflies, and it seemed appropriate as a blog title.

So welcome. Scoot your mouse on over and take a peek. Let's see where it goes from here.



At 18:30, Blogger Ur-spo said...

welcome to the wonderful world and slippery slope of blogging - oh the places you'll go and people you'll meet! Try not to let to consume you. Assure The Wild One this is not a threat.
I'll send over some 'stalkers' who someday will be commenters.

At 19:30, Blogger Derek said...

Welcome, welcome! I hope you get as much out of it as I have! It's a wonderful blogland out there!

At 19:36, Blogger David said...

Hello and welcome, enjoy !!!! Im sure you will make many new friends here.

At 22:31, Blogger rodger said...

Welcome to the world of Blog. You'll find it slow at first but soon you'll see that people gravitate to blogs that feature common interests.

I love to find blogs that focus on my interests. I love that I can learn from those blogfolk because they share their knowledge and don't expect me to be an expert. It is a community of friends and professionals connecting and sharing on a human interest level.

We have a large garden here and we try to bring wildlife into our yard. Many bird species enjoy our property regularly yet we only have a few butterflies. It may be our location or our habitat. Your site may provide more information and an open forum so I'll check in frequently.

Best of luck to you!

At 00:55, Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

It's not such a bad thing.Being sucked into a vortex can be a really pleasurable experience. At a certain point, the realization hits that it's out of ones control, and all that's left to do is give in to the enjoyment of it all. As one goes deeper and deeperinto the experience, the activity itself becomes a celebration of the seduction.

At 02:29, Blogger Tony said...

Welcome Doug!

You'll enjoy blogging, if anything but for your own personal release. I've been at it almost for three months (read blogs prior though) and I love it.

Butterflys...fond memories from childhood. We always use to find those caterpillars and help them along with that transformation. Funny, I don't think I have seen a caterpillar in over 20-30 years, seriously. I'll have to see aout stopping by to catch some of your posts.

At 11:40, Blogger Doug said...

Greetings to all,

Thanks for the drop by and the well wishes. I ventured over to the land of Spo and found that the Ur man had a posting about my blog. Oh my....well I guess I'm starting out with few secrets. Even a science geek can appreciate the charms of Mr. Radcliff.

At 11:45, Blogger Doug said...

Hi Roger,

In response to your question, I checked out your blog and found that you are in the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful part of the country, but not terribly rich in butterflies. That's probably why you don't see many in your garden.

Your blog gives me vegetable garden envy.


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