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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things that make life worth living

Home Made Blueberry Ice Cream
Recipe courtesy of those two holy men from Vermont



At 22:41, Blogger H Oh said...

I'm gonna need that recipe!

At 06:16, Anonymous pablo said...

Geez, save some for me, wouldja?

At 09:28, Blogger Ur-spo said...

nice idea; things that make life worth living
why don't you expand on it into a list?

At 11:33, Blogger Floridacracker said...

Looks amazing.

At 15:24, Blogger robin andrea said...

That does look delicious. Yum.

At 15:57, Blogger cedrorum said...

Great, now I have to make a trip to the local ice cream place.

At 17:47, Blogger Lemuel said...

Don't tease us like that, Doug! Spill! (the recipe, that is!)

I assume that it was also made with fine New England blueberries, too!

At 06:33, Blogger Chilmarkgirl said...

This week I made vanilla bean ice cream- from the Charlie Trotter cookbook you gave me a while ago. I woke up this morning thinking I would try making blackberry ice cream- then I open up your blog and see the blueberry ice cream- hmmmm- perhaps blueberry instead!Do you have the cook book Chez Pannise desserts? -It has tons and tons of ice cream and sorbet recipes!

At 09:41, Blogger Texas Travelers said...

Good choice.

I made a 'Bumbleberry Pie' last weekend which featured some really tart blueberries.


PS: I had never checked the tidal flats behind the dunes at Boca Chica for Tiger Beetles. I'll remedy that next trip down.

At 13:18, Anonymous Mark H said...

Oh man! THAT beats Tillamook anything............... Bragging are you? WELL! I HAVE the Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Cookbook! Probably a good thing I didn't show it to you, eh?

At 20:58, Blogger BentonQuest said...



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