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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog Hiatus

I am going on blog hiatus. I am leaving for a backpacking trip to the High Sierras of California. I will have no internet access, no email access,and no cell phone. Yay! This means no postings for me, and no commenting on other peoples' blogs as well. I'll be back home September 9. I'll blog about the trip after I get home.

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At 17:06, Anonymous Lemuel said...

Have a safe and fun-filled trip!

At 18:29, Anonymous rcwbiologist said...

Have a great safe trip.

At 19:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the weevil response.

Make sure to visit Eric Shat's Bakery in Bishop while you are in the Eastern Sierra, best gelato in all of California!

- Kandis (in Sacramento)

At 21:15, Blogger Ur-spo said...

last time you did this all hell broke loose in the world when you were away.
i hope it goes better for you and the world this year.

At 10:40, Blogger robin andrea said...

I hope your trip is fantastic. The Sierra mountain range is our favorite place for hiking the high country. Good journeying to you.

When I read ur-spo's comment it makes me think you were in the Sierras on 9/11. Roger and I were in Sierra City on the western slope on that day.

At 21:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only a couple days!!!! Hope you didn't run into any bears!

At 01:54, Blogger Tony said...

Friday night...9/7. Hope you're having a blast or rather had a blast in the High Sierras. I can't wait to see what pics you have for us.

At 08:45, Anonymous pablo said...

Are you back yet?


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